Orthodontics Office

DesignerBrianne Verstat, Creative Director
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This young orthodontist hired us to design a space that was welcoming to patients of all ages. He wanted an inspiring space filled with positive thinking to encourage and promote a healthy self image and high self esteem, especially among his young patients. He wanted to create a clean, stream-lined paperless office filled with technology, easy to clean surfaces, and most importantly positive thinking and self image among youth. He wanted to stay away from the cliche office that included anything with teeth or braces. The largest hurdle was the small narrow leased space. Teaming with an architect, dental equipment manufacturer and client allowed the design team to collaborate together to provide a floorplan that accommodated all equipment needs while addressing ADA compliancy. Barn doors were used in narrow spaces such as the consult room and the exam area to close areas during busy times or for privacy.