Samsung New York, Marketing Center of Excellence

ClientCollin Burry
DesignerDoris Guerrero, Design Director Steve Bitterman, Studio Director Collin Burry, Project Principal Howard Yao, Project Manager Joe Nowell, Designer Aishanie Marwah, Designer Cooper McKenna, Graphic Designer Shyam Perangur, Project Manager Michael Torres, Architect Nick Caravella, Job Captain Mike Wendt, Job Captain
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Samsung’s strategy to occupy the hot new iconic development at 837 Washington seeks to leverage the creative synergy of R&D creatives, marketing, entertainment developers and executive leadership. Each arrival lobby features photography of iconic Manhattan destinations. Each floor features a divergent approach to programming. This workplace borrows materiality from the raw and variegated textures of the Meatpacking District.