DesignerRobert Mills Architect and Interior Designers
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This historic home has been refreshed and is now an estate less about “live in staff’ and more about family dynamics in the 21st century. The old and the new sit side by side, the language and style are one. The original building, strong and proud was dressed with 1930’s details. The most dramatic of Blues creates a truly magnificent place in which to welcome guests in the formal sitting room. Although Blue is a feature, there is warmth throughout the residence in the timber and travertine floors, complemented with sumptuous rugs and furniture. The residence stays true to the underlying ethos that pure design is crafted from raw materials, combined with 21st century technology and knowhow. Carrical is a functional, liveable design with quality, robust materials that will retain their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time.