Le Campus, Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle

CompanyVirserius Studio
ClientTherese Virserius
DesignerRegina Virserius
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Virserius Studio was able to push the design envelope while paying careful attention to the client’s needs. Le Campus is a very different experience, something that will pleasantly surprise those with more traditional notions of a work space, but would also fit right into more modern ways of meeting, learning and creating. The challenge was to create an environment that boosts cohesion, collaboration and idea-sharing. With inspiration from the American college campus, V/S created an experience that is interactive, cool, and playful. When one walks through, there are multiple opportunities to plop down to email, read, or eat at one’s leisure. The open spaces of Le Campus comprise its core, the social hub and library where people can mingle. The satellite offices and meeting spaces form the perimeter, but allow easy access back to the core. French artist Le Monstre was brought in to give the space an added edge.