Dragon Boat Festival -Ping An Soap

DesignerNational Taiwan University Of Science And Technology.
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

During the Dragon Boat Festival one of the most traditional customs is to hung over herbs outside the houses in order to exorcise evil spirits, keep away the plagues and turn calamities into blessings. An other practice called 「wash all diseases」consist in using these herbs in a bath or as a shampoo to ward off evil spirits and relax body and mind. The herbs included Pomegranate(石柳花), Artemisia Argyi(艾草), Lxora Chinensis(龍船花), Calamus(菖蒲)and Pilose Beggarticks(咸豐草) are collectively called the heaven five points(天中五端). For the instructions i used these herbs illustration with classical Chinese ancient painting style and traditional story that i fold around the box. For the exterior design of the box, in accordance with a picture i imitated the real design of a dragon boat steamer that i integrated into the shape of Octagon box . I took inspiration of the Octagon box in the eight divinatory trigrams that means peace and choosed the Chinese characters "端" for is meaning of "origin". Finally i used the concept of a puzzle to let the customer assembled together symbolizing a return to the original self. I think my creation could have a great use as decoration during Dragon Boat Festival to bring fortune and luck.