White Meditation

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Located in a re-planning district in Tainan, Taiwan, White Meditation is a private separate house containing a total of six floors with five above the ground and one under the ground. It covers about 482.64 square meters with 319 square meters of overall floorage. Designed for a thinker, the clearance and purity are emphasized in a delicate and modern way. Therefore, transparency and crystal are highly used in this space to feature the luminous atmosphere and present the owner’s great ambition. As Confucius said, “The wise man delights in water, the Good man delights in mountains,” designers re-define this sentence and consider it into the window design to create beautiful views with plants or water. In Chinese culture, this view-decorated design shows the outstanding manner of the owner.

About Designer

Rhema Design is one of few companies that provide integrated design service in Taiwan. Rhema Design started as an interior design company primarily in 1995. During these years, it has expanded its specialty into architecture, space, landscape, product, and visual design. Through these 20s years, Rhema Design has designed considerate and innovated space and architecture for business, institution, and individual among east Asia, including entertainment industry, tourism industry, medical industry, food and beverage industry, technology industry, cosmetic industry, education institute, spa, and villa. Rhema Design has strong insistence on the quality of design and construction, and the integrated design for customer in various fields and demands contributes Rhema Design to unlimited design creativity.  In the future, Rhema Design will not only insist on interior and space design, and pursue a further vision for raising the awareness of aesthetic for locals and cities. To pursue a better urban development with cultural insight and creative energy is the goal and direction that Rhema Design continually heads to.