Technological Tomatoes

DesignerNatalie A Johnson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Including GMOs into food production has always been a serious debate. Scientific advances forward humanity, but can seriously disconnect us from biological and environmental origins. Technological Tomatoes explores the push and pull of science and nature. Taking a simple image of a tomato, this series of posters abstracts the original image into an almost unrecognizable composition. A bright and colorful palette was chosen to signify the appeal new scientific advances and discoveries can be. The use of repetitive contour outlines of the tomato gives a visual glimpse of a genetic makeup. Graphs and data lie beneath, acting as a texture to connect the fantastical view with logical and grid like formality. The tomato image is intertwined within the contour lines – a reminder of the original source.

About Designer

Currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic design at Lindenwood University.