Breath·visual device of landscape space and experience

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Watching the landscape scenes at eye level by putting one's head over.Interaction of viewers through the internal and external space of the device.Convey the harmony and symbiosis between man and nature with the concept .White and black interface of head and body shows a different world and the state in heart.Walking with the light in the closed space to find the bright lights in my life.Human and sight are melted in one with landscape space.Shuttling through the space to look for the junction between illusion and reality, and to experience the black and white world in the inside and outside landscapes.The device makes use of hyperspace to interpret the visual phenomenon.The viewers could experience the cross-border acts of landscape when watching and communicating.Dialogue closely with the feeling of landscape space.The intangible mountain and long for the future.Exchange between mountain, water and people forms a new visual language and behavior.

About Designer

Academy of Design Department of Capital Normal University/ Professor / Master Instructor; Reach Institute of Visual design and Education of Capital Normal University/ Superintendent; College of Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts/ MFA;《Dragon Design Foundation—2008 China Design Award》Silver Medal; Provincial Outstanding Contribution Expert. Member of ICO-D International Design Council;Member of American Graphic Design Association; Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Association of Higher Education Design Committee; Secretary-General of China Academy of Art Visual Design Academic Committee, Standing of Design Committee of China Packaging Federation;Director of Beijing Industrial Design Promotion; Editor of China Design Yearbook;Contributing Editor of Packaging and Design, Editor of National Chinese core journals: Packaging Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences project of Ministry of Education’s Jury;The third round of design Disciplines of Ministry of Education’s Evaluation experts; Jury of National PSAs outstanding works;Jury of The 11th National Undergraduate Design Master Award; Jury of National Packaging Art Competition;Visiting Professor of National Sixteen colleges and universities.