CompanyHerzu Interior Design
Prize3rd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

“Listening to the City’s Signs of Approaching Rain and Flowering Season” becomes the main inspiration and theme of this project due to the owner’s exact words. The sense of space can be brought into the building through the senses of sight and touch. In addition to the old structure and solving the serious leakage problem, a more complete plan for the future use of a 40-year old building must be done. This can be achieved by pulling up the proportion of the original chunky architecture, but also shaping a natural balcony, adjusting interior layout and coordinating natural light and landscape of the space. Through dark brown glass and mirror, a sense of spatial extension can be seen through layer upon layer while reflecting the light and views. Whatever rain or shine, the building has been endowed with a poetic script having different stories as time goes by.