Flaminia 202

CompanyROLF - Roland Wolf GmbH
ClientMarija Iljazovic
Designer"Roland Wolf", "Marija Iljazovic", "Martin Iljazovic", "Christian Wolf"
Prize1st Place in Material Design
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Entry Description

Flaminia 202 of the “excellence collection” stands out with its feminine and classy design. The frame present a sophisticated butterfly shape, elegant and classic. The frame combines most impressively the wood types eucalyptus and silver oak. The smoking of the wood gives the eucalyptus veneer a very expressive colour which doesn’t show any signs of aging even after many years and is also more durable. The steaming process creates a silver shimmer which gives the veneer an elegant appearance. The excellence collection presents more sophisticated wooden hinge, the optimised lens-glazing system and meticulously executed details such as two-tone styles and engravings. The frame can be adjusted for each client using heat. The ergonomically shaped temple tips are comfortable to put on. ROLF frames have no screws or metal, are extremely light, comfortable to wear, easy-care, maintenance-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.

About Designer

ROLF‘s high-quality, extremely light wood, stone and horn eyewear are handmade. A main focus of the company is to set design trends and realize new ideas. The in-house research and development department invented a new type of wooden eyeglasses and a special glazing system for rigid materials. ROLF glasses come without screws and metal, are maintenance-free and are ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Since 2009, ROLF Spectacles has been a pioneer in creating natural eyewear. ROLF invented the flexible FLEXLOCK hinge technology in 2017 and was awarded with the Silmo d’Or award.