Promoting Peace and Cultural Understanding between the United States and the Middle East through Experience Design

DesignerTara Headley
Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

This project explores the culture of global relations between the United States and Iraq. Emotions and perceptions are integral to this relationship, therefore spaces dealing with the transmittance of information and ideas were utilized as case studies. The resulting design shows how media negatively affects the perception of Middle Eastern civilians, and influences positive change by applying emotional design in an interior setting. Visitors are informed of the experiences and conditions in the Middle East for non-combatant citizens, which encourage enlightenment and evoke empathy. At the center, visitors encounter exhibitions on media, history, culture and art, which generate a greater understanding of the citizens of Iraq and the Middle East at large. The elements of design offer an in depth look at the holistic reality of Iraq and its people, subsequently bridging the gap by encouraging peace and promoting cultural understanding between the United States and the Middle East.

About Designer

Tara Headley moved to Savannah, Georgia from the island of Barbados where she grew up, to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She has always been an extremely dedicated and focused on excelling in her career. Since graduating with her first degree, she has moved on to Atlanta where she obtained a masters in interior design, and is currently working at Hendrick, specializing in corporate design.