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DesignerJeffery Yap
Prize1st Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

We were briefed by Edifier to Recreate a Sound System that never been seen before, both suitable for home and supreme sounds system, coexisted with futuristic elements and stylish. It was a product design we look forward to redefine how the sound system should look like, and also creating a product so welcoming yet surprising.

About Designer

Jeffery Yap Design International embodied the value of seeing the possibilities and potentials out from the client's they work with and specialise in Branding Management, Corporate Identity Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Visual Merchandising, Brand management, Packaging Design with experienced production capability in ensuring the quality of delivery an idea into solutions. He has been expanding and penetrating its business to outdoor and indoor digital advertising platform with the collaboration of Malaysia's Most Anticipating MRT project. Founded in April 21st 2005 by Designer Jeffery yapâ„¢ , a Malaysian-born Chinese designer. Apparently he is managing the company in Hong Kong and work with clients from around the world. Jeffery Yap Design International was officially established in 2005 in Malaysia, Jeffery Yap Design International always believes in impressing their clients with unlimited new ideas and consistently pursue for undiscovered talents and possibilities. He believed that the brand stands for his own vision as a international renown design studio, and providing world-class and trend-setting design for the years to come. Clients are, Innotivo(Australia), Decora Homeware (Australia), Brioni (Milan) , Thierry Mugler, Replay(Milan), Thierry Mugler (France), Lions Club International, Colourland, Edifier and etc.