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The site selected for this plan was the outskirts of Onomichi-city Hiroshima overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. While The place has scenic beauty of coastal view, It has the road congested with traffic towards the land. For this situation, we tried to harmonize this site with the scenery by twisting slab to produce the undulation of it. The undulation produced by twisting slab bind the grade of the living room and coastline, and release our sense to the graceful view of Seto Inland not only confronting the beautiful nature, but also enfolding the nature just as they are in architecture and to restore the living into the nature. Moreover, the undulation becomes pilotis. It ensure the view toward the sea of the local residents. It also makes possible consciously separayion from the unorganized view of the road side by closing the living spaces.

About Designer

1981: Born in Miyazaki, Japan 1999-2003: Bachelor of Architecture from the Kinki University 2003-2005: Master of Architecture from the Kinki University 2005-2008: Kubota Architect Atelier / Yamaguchi 2008- : Doctor of Architecture from the Hiroshima University 2010- : Established Tsukano Architect Office