ClientFarnaz Mansuri
DesignerDe-spec Farnaz Mansuri in Collaboration with Samir Farhoumand Charles Joch III, Architect of Record
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The design for this dental care facility is centered on the idea that health care, well-being, and relaxation can be integrated through design. The design uses curved forms to soften the shadows and diffuse light in order to enable the healthy feel of rooms filled with light. The exam rooms are positioned on view with the natural light along the long axis. They are designed to be acoustically calibrated to reduce echo like a sound studio. The rooms are light filled with the open view of the city beneath. The consult and private rooms are voluptuous and float in the larger open space. With curved and tilted walls the shadows are softened and diffused. Framing the entry is a resin pod of consultation rooms allowing for a soft and energetic private spaces. The public spaces which weave through are liquid and light.