Hammer assistant

DesignerSchool:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Student:Jialiang Lin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

When hammering a nail, some inexperienced people tend to be struck by the hammer. Thus this design-Hammer Assistant aides to solve the problem, it can effectively prevent people from striking himself at the time of hammering nails. The nail will be held firmly by the slot at the end of Hammer Assistant, thus the accidents of our hands being struck by the hammer can be avoided. When not in use, Hammer Assistant can be fixed as a cap at the end of the handle of the hammers. So it is not easy to be lost, and it can be found quickly when needed, since it is always with its partner-the hammer. The slot is in the shape of trumpet which has been designed especially, so that nails of all kinds of sizes used in household ranging from 16mm-long to 60mm-long can be held very well.