Card On Guard

ClientHelmut Kruse
DesignerHelmut Kruse
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Card On Guard is a thin and self-sustaining solar cell that captures, stores and reemits UV and Infrared light from either natural or artificial sources and inhibits bacterial and fungi growth. No electricity required. Replacing 50% - 100% of traditional chemicals, the product has won the 2015 Technology Innovator, Emerging Technology Awards 2015, Big Innovation 2015 and Red Dot 2016 awards. The design is intended to be as functional as it is attractive by providing maximum direct contact with both light and water. The card is held upright in the water by a set of internal weights and floats so both sides are exposed to sun and other light and it is moved through the water and around the pool by the "shark fin" design that allows it to catch moving air and wind.