My secret garden

DesignerYes studio Yian,Hung
Prize2nd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

Space furniture The client is a Christian family and willing to share their spare roof top to the community. The space is mainly for children gathering and children worship event. Having an interesting and multi-purpose space for free day care and social interaction is considering a good sample for social responsibility for the community. It is a special spatial design experience, out client gives us an idea of a slide in a penthouse, and we recreate this interesting space in a simple and interesting manner.

About Designer

Yestudio is a Taipei and Chongqing based group of interior designers, landscape designer, architects,and lighting professionals, researchers and inventors. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Taiwan and China. Yesutido’s design emerges out of a careful analysis client need and how contemporary design idea constantly evolves and changes. We believe “simple brings good design”, and to be able to create a simple and strong concept to solve the complicated design problems is the philosophy that support us to face the challenge of today’s buit environment.