Project: "Lamar Construction Company"
Company:Integrated Architecture
Designer(s): Michael C. Corby, AIA, LEED AP, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Floating above the West Michigan landscape, this cantilever building expresses the identity of its owner, a premier general contractor specializing in steel erection, formed concrete and pre-engineered buildings. The design solution speaks to who they are and what they do in a powerful fashion, creating a noteworthy structure that is visible from the nearby interstate. The 5,200 SF hovering box of glass and steel also celebrates and showcases the construction company?s commitment to long-term, high quality construction efforts, no matter the degree of difficulty. While the cantilever utilizes raw space to create a powerful, essential building component, the headquarters project is simply one building with two volumes separated by a 16-foot gap. The solid, textured concrete tower literally grabs the glass box and gives it solid footing. The lower box, serves as a plinth with its primarily solid form and corporate hue completing this unique and bold expression of the floating box. The lobby fortifies the concrete, glass and steel building experience, offering a glass-walled meeting room and access to the stair tower and the lower level, home to the company?s tool room, carpentry shop and truck garage. The simple rectangle also reveals the company?s metal building expertise. A double cantilever, the upper office is defined by two, 16-foot-deep trusses which frame each workspace while creating interior room for the coffee bar and conference areas. The initial cantilever extends 100 feet from the concrete wall while the second extends 16 feet from the trusses to the outer walls. The massive trusses dominate the construction office, reflecting and reinforcing the company?s main purpose while adding a feeling of strength that is validated by the raw concrete walls and minimal furnishings. The uncompromised view of the surrounding countryside is a bonus. Seemingly defying gravity, the Corporate Headquarters emerges from the lake mist to create an iconic building that redefines the status quo of the construction landscape.

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