Project: "Japanese Cuisine Restaurant EN"
Designer(s): Ryosuke Iinuma, Japan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Trigger space ? 'EN', Japanese restaurant is created on a basement in newly built building near Sangencyaya, Tokyo. 'EN' means, the orientation of four seasons, the beauty of decent cuisine and the way of seasoning the dishes, and relation between people. The wishes of these thoughts, 'unification of people and this space' have become a keyword of the owner to start this project. ? This restaurant is divided into two areas. People can be dined at counter and tables. Seating is lined up neatly and the shadow of Bonsai (coming out in seasons) separates the line into two areas. ? Cupboard doors starting from entrance compose the wall in sequence. The same material is used for underneath of the counter, chairs and damwaiter to create a harmony. The chairs at tables become benches when they are put next each other. That triggers more intimacy atmosphere. These elements that compose this space is lead by the concept of the restaurant. ? This restaurants can be considered as a device that facilitate the communication between people and emphasis on the cuisine and service by minimizing any decorative aspect of design.

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