Project: "Redesign of Amnesty International Magazine (Denmark)"
Designer(s): Danielle Brandt and Maria Elskar, Denmark
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The Danish branch of Amnesty International is one of the largest sections of the human rights movement with its approximately 100.000 members. The magazine Amnesty is published four times a year and targets both activists and more passive members. Amnesty?s new design and editorial content aims to induce a sense of news magazine to its audience, who are generally interested in foreign policy, current human rights issues and the history of human rights. The magazine aims to attract potential new members of the organization; give a ?call-to-action? for active members and give relevant background information and provide a good reading experience. Amnesty works with some of the leading Danish and international photographers and journalists to create an appealing and committed magazine. Datagraf, a leading Danish design and customer publishing house, has developed the design and editorial counseling. The featured issue is focusing on the human rights situation in China in light of the 2008 Olympics.

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