Project: "EzequielFarca book"
Company:Ezequiel Farca
Designer(s): Ezequiel Farca, Vanessa Enr?quez, Mexico
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: EZEQUIELFARCA book is an open window through the work of this mexican designer, it is not a chronological review but an intuitive and natural journey through his creative process and spontaneous methodology. It is an open window through who is EZEQUEILFARCA, his way of interpreting the world and how he transforms it in environments, spaces, furniture. This same interior process transforms into an editorial Project, which comunicates through images, going from the everything to the detail. The book reduces the texts to the essential of each project (technical sheet). Is an exciting trip through drawings, spaces and environments, including scenes of everyday life which call the attention of the sight and lens of the designer.

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