Project: "ave fenix fire station"
Company:at103 + BGP Arquitectura
Designer(s): Bernando Gomez Pimienta; Julio Amezcua, Ferancisco Pardo, Hugo sanchez, Mexico
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: ?AVE F?NIX? FIRE STATION The program includes, in addition to the Firemen station itself, a space of consultation and training center open to the public, both activities must be executed separately and never the presence of the visitor should interfere in the work of the firemen. The design chosen for the station appears towards the outside like a simple high box that it almost disappears after a facade that plays with the context in a game of reflections, floating on the patio of maneuvers and the pump cars parking area; this space extends towards the street or, in inverse reading, incorporates the urban space. Within the chromed box, both uses are alternated and complemented, organized by planes with holes in different sizes and shapes that allows natural lighting and communicates the different levels. In the case of the main access, the double stair proposed, separated the flow of the employers and the visitors and goes from the level of visitor access to a heliport in the roof. This vertical circulation was complemented by the classic tubes where the firemen descend faster. Thus, making them coexist thanks to the views crossed in the main patio, but without mixing them, the proposed solution is able to resolve both uses - the station requirements and the public areas

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