Project: "magic home"
Company:Setmund Leung Design Ltd
Designer(s): Setmund LeungKam Biu, Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Nowadays, many young singles live a small space. If we hope get a high living standard ,so we should make the workplace are multifunction and personal amusement, the space are modern facilities and illumination, a tidy and beautiful environment., young people can then enjoy the space for work as office, and cooking, dinning & living as home. In such a 5.3 m x 5.7 m area, I divide it into two mainly regions- ? A ? Area (includes cooking & dinning function at daytime, but sleeping at night) and the ? B ? Area (reading , sitting & working function). First, ? A ? Area are fully modernized working facilities , such as exhaust hood, gas oven & washing machine etc. are placed in the cooking area as kitchen, then pulling up the folding panel of low cabinet also as dinning table in daytime. For the ? B ? Area, there are writing, reading and sitting place, when withdrawing the hidden desk ,so that one can enjoy the study & surfer time during cooking. On the other hand, we designed a concealed-bed as false ceiling at ? A ? Area for sleeping at night time, When shut down the rolling shutter to cover all the kitchen cabinet and pull out all the folding panel beside the low cabinet, so that this area can also serve as a privately bedroom. Finally, stain-glass is mainly used for the wall and the floor for it is easy to clean and give us a bright feeling. In case we need to do some maintenance on the hidden drainage & pipes, it is easy and simple. The silicont of glass edging can be easily cut off without damaging the wall material.

About the Designer/Company
Setmund Leung is international famous designer, He had gained many international awards and his own publications and collected by all public libraries. And interviewed by Hong Kong and overseas professional magazines, newspapers and TV channels ; Design always exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea etc.