Project: "1 in 0"
Company:On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
Designer(s): Leo P. H. Chan, Hong Kong
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Redesign the corporate logo for a design house named as "1 in 0". We twisted the icon of the 'Self-Capture' mode in camera, and applied the meaning in a warmness and happiness design process: We listen to clients, understand what they want; we think, we make and it becomes our creations; when the project ends, both of us and our clients left happiness and warmness memories, just like using self-shooting mode to capture the treasurable moments with buddy.

About the Designer/Company
On Your Mark Design Laboratory (OYM), is a Hong Kong-based creative laboratory founded by Leo P. H. Chan in 2004. Through experiments and testing in the lab, they always try their best to find out new possibilities in design and brand strategies for clients. Within years, OYM had been received international design awards over different categories.