Project: "Vacuum Cleaner Launching kit"
Company:samsung electronics co.ltd
Designer(s): Hyekang Oh , Taeho Lee, Keejung Song,Iizuka Mikio, Komatsu Kenji,Murakoshi Yasunari, Shimada Megumi, Kakimoto Hideki, Korea, Republic of
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Marketing communication: new vacuum cleaner launch package. Package components: product catalogue, press release, sales guide, merchandising guide, print ad, visual CD, dealer gift. Samsung has developed a new concept for a package-type catalogue which covers both ATL and BTL advertisements. The previous traditional product catalogue contained product information only, but this package-type catalogue gives not only product information but also additional sales aids like a press release, a sales guide, a merchandising guide and a CD. In a nutshell: this represents a total solution for marketing and selling a brand new product. Marketing communication is becoming increasingly important as products become more complex and more diverse. This new concept of a package-type communication catalogue has a more acceptable cover design featuring unique product selling points and using visual stimuli rather than just words.

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