Project: "KinderDentist"
Designer(s): Lars Krueckeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Alejandra Lillo, Gregor Hoheisel, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: KINDERDENTIST Berlin, Germany What can children expect when they visit their dentist? A white, cold, sterile world with no relationship to the playful environments they are used to. This dental clinic, specialized on the treatment of young patients, started the design process from the opposite side of the spectrum, the indoor playground. We created an underwater world that invites the children to come in, play and let their imagination go wild. A 12 foot wave welcomes them from the outside world, carrying them directly to the reception counter. This wave, vibrant with patterns in different tones of blue, connects and reveals the upper and lower levels of the clinic. It invites you to the waiting room and reception in the lower level and opens up windows into the treatment rooms upstairs. All areas follow the same theme of the underwater experience with their color, architectural and spatial elements. Patterns of pixilated schools of fish connect all treatment rooms. The silver upholstery in the waiting rooms is reminiscent of submarines. The waiting, as well as the treatment itself can be turned into a playful experience. In this way the attitude towards the usually feared dentist can be changed from an early age on. The young customers never have to leave the happy underwater world and can enjoy this completely new experience of a visit to the dentist.

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