Project: "V3 Wall Station"
Designer(s): Humanscale Healthcare with Shea + Latone, United States
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The V3 Wall Station teams ergonomic comfort and safety with maximum space savings to provide easy computer access in a variety of healthcare environments. Unlike traditional wall-mounted solutions?which only allow repositioning of the monitor and keyboard from a fixed point?the V3 enables independent adjustment of each of these components on a smooth vertical track. With an unprecedented 51-inch height adjustment range, the V3 can accommodate 99% of users in sitting or standing positions. The V3?s wide range of adjustability allows caregivers to work comfortably in the compact spaces typical of healthcare environments, preventing work-related injury and associated costs. A perfectly counterbalanced spring mechanism facilitates adjustments with less than a pound of force, allowing each user to effortlessly modify the height of the monitor and keyboard to suit his or her ideal working position. The V3 offers sleek good looks and a contemporary color palette to complement any medical environment. It also features a built-in CPU holder and integrated cable management system that spans the length of its track. Built to last, the device boasts 75% recycled and 95% recyclable content, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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