Project: "Aliph Jawbone Headset"
Designer(s): Yves Behar, David Riofrio, Bret Recor, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset packaging provides an engaging in-store point of sale display, out of box experience and protects the headset during shipment, an innovative blend of beauty and functionality. These same principals were applied to the Aliph Jawbone Limited Edition packaging as well. In a field dominated by a few well-advertised brands, Jawbone needed to make an immediate impact, entice shoppers and educate consumers about its superior technology?all within a matter of moments. Like every aspect of a brand, the packaging needed to set the Jawbone apart from existing headsets, both functionally and visually, by showcasing its high-design aesthetics and signature feature, the noise-shield technology. The Jawbone packaging is a stunning alternative to the competition?differentiated by its monolithic, minimal appearance that asserts its presence and announces its arrival. The simple vitrine cube displays the Jawbone headset like a work of art, offering a 360-degree view inside?a compelling presentation from every angle. Inside, the headset is suspended in midair as if exhibited in a museum case. This packaging strategy and design is repeated in the Limited Edition series, showcasing the headset by using a clean, focused design. The Jawbone headset is a seamless out of box experience. Often, headsets are housed in blisterpacks that are difficult to open without the assistance of a pair of scissors. The cardboard outer sleeve easily slides down, the plastic box opens easily. The manual is positioned to be the first thing opened, with boxes for the ear loops, ear buds and power charger easily identifiable in their packaging. The product itself slides out of the clear plastic box. The differentiated design serves a dual purpose: It protects the headset during shipping and serves as the in-store point-of-sale display that highlights the form, shape and design of Jawbone. Such a straightforward, clear brand message sets Jawbone apart from the confusion present in most cell-phone retailers and the profusion of claims that encase high-tech products. Sustainability is one of the aspects that sets Jawbone packaging apart from others. The yoke that holds the headset securely inside the box reduced the need for plastic or Styrofoam cushioning, which is often used to protect consumer electronics. Because of the cardboard sleeve?s dual function as the box?s enclosure, the need for a heat seal, adhesives or shrink wrap was eliminated. In addition, all the components in Jawbone?s packaging are recyclable. The quality and thoughtfulness of the material selection extends Jawbone?s seamless out of box experience for a consumer. All of these aspects of the packaging set Jawbone far apart from its competitors.

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