Project: "Y Water"
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Bret Recor, David Riofrio, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: The never attempted before 'Y' shaped bottle is an immediately recognizable icon and visual ambassador for Y Water, which eliminates the need for additional labeling and excess branding normally required to cement a brand identity. Y Water also redefines the notion of re-use, as it transforms into a constructor/Lego Game. The inspiration for the bottle design is a symmetrical form all the way around, creating stability and an immediate sense of play. The other component of the Y Water story is to let kids be creative; our slogan "Y NOT" encourages kids to think on their own terms, to ask questions, to challenge. For that reason Y Water is also a construction game, extending the life of the bottle as a playful learning toy: The biodegradable natural rubber Y-Knot connects bottles together and allows for never ending architectural possibilities, a type of game for kids long after the drink itself is gone. In addition, by locating all of the product information (bar codes, nutritional data, etc) on a biodegradable hangtag, we were able to keep the bottle itself clean. This was vital in transforming the bottle from empty container to building toy. Y Water is an alternative for children as well as the environment, by providing a healthy drink and a new sustainable approach; helping children question the use of the modern day bottles and waste. Through Y Water, children can develop a new learned behavior and expectation of less waste and more reuse that they will continue long into the future. Y Water is designed to be reused both after consumption and also refilled for re-consumption. The Y Water bottle turns into a game, employing the Y-Knots that come with every bottle purchase. These Knots are made of biodegradable rubber and combine with the recyclable hangtags. Y Water is about changing a child?s ethos, a product created to be enjoyable as well as reusable and recyclable. Y Water focuses on reuse, allowing children to enjoy an organic beverage as well as reuse the bottle in a fun game following consumption.

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