Project: "Website Redesign www.TOGGO.de"
Company:Elements of Art GmbH
Designer(s): Erik Winterberg, Sebastian Leppert, Nazila Amininia, Jan Kr?ner, Germany
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Our TOGGO avatars, as fictive computer-generated characters are proposed to give the users of the TOGGO website a face in its community-area called ?Treff? without endangering the privacy of the kids. On the one hand, the kids should be able to identify themselves with their personal avatar, on the other hand they should be able to present themselves like they want to be recognized by other TOGGO users. Of course it entails a huge bandwidth of element specifications to construct these very individual avatars. The avatar configurator required a categorization of its elements for an intuitive and easy usability which is very important for kids. It was a challenge to juggle these two factors without going beyond the scope of the graphical basic conditions. And last but not least all the elements should have a TOGGO look & feel and be part of the corporate appearance of the website.

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