Project: "BBC Ethical Fashion: Thread"
Designer(s): A co-project between the BBC and mN. mN's team as follows: Brendan Dawes, Chris Davenport, Gary Burgess, Sanjeev Shewhorak, Oliver Dore, Mei-lin Rawlinson, United Kingdom
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Brief: The brief for the Ethical Fashion website was to create an interactive magazine which encourages young people aged 16-30 to explore what ethical fashion is all about. ? A trusted site that entertains & educates with style ? an inspiring resource on ethical fashion or ?fashion with a conscience? ? Cutting-edge and innovative but fun ? the site needs to be cool but shouldn?t take itself too seriously ? Supports user response and contribution ? a place where people can engage and share a response and connection with other users The Solution: Thread was launched in April 2008 to coincide with Blood, Sweat And T-Shirts, a four-part TV series in which six young fashion lovers find out how their clothes are made. Thread is about fashion - so visually the design takes its lead from editorial fashion/lifestyle design. The style is monochromatic, punctuated by vivid brights. Bold typography mixes with delicate script fonts whilst blocks of black and white add structure. Horizontal and vertical lines help to connect images and text, using ?thread? in terms of network connections. The careful balance between these elements gives the site dynamic asymmetric look. The most unique element of the site is the innovative image-based navigation which allows people to create their own unique journey. In creating this we tried to redefine what people perceive photographic layout should be ? and more to the point what the web can be. Using the convention we created, users are allowed to create a liquid layout that is enjoyable to use, fun and has beautiful simplicity. Outcomes: Since launch, Thread has been really well received by the target audience and potential collaborators such as fashion designers and photographers? proof that the look and feel genuinely conveys innovation and style. It?s also attracted coverage in the Design and New Media press. ?We?re delighted with the design and functionality of the Thread site. It is innovative, surprising and beautifully designed and we are sure that it will connect with our fashion-conscious audience.? - BBC ?Thread draws punters in with eco-fab fashion and then hits them with cutting-edge features as well as handy morsels on shopping for vintage, swapping with friends and customising your own.? - The Metro Style Over the next six months Thread will also be at the heart of further fashion events and programming across BBC television, radio and online.

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