Project: "SimpleTech [re]drive"
Company:Karten Design
Designer(s): Stuart Karten, Paul Kirley, Ariel Vergez, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: Responding to consumers? swelling desire for environmentally sustainable products, the 500GB SimpleTech [re]drive is the world?s first energy-efficient, resource-conscious external hard drive. Rethinking market assumptions, stripped the drive down to its basic components, letting its efficient materials and processes dictate a minimalistic form that highlights the beauty of simplicity. Quickly replenishing bamboo panels add rigidity, as well as a unique natural beauty that becomes the [re]drive?s focal point. Recyclable aluminum side panels, with an organic form evoking a bamboo forest, serve as a heat sink, allowing the drive to operate quietly and efficiently without a fan. The manufacturer added an Energy Star-qualified power adapter and estimates that the [re]drive, which powers on and off with the computer, offers up to 90% energy savings over traditional external drives ? the equivalent of reducing 475 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions over the drive?s life. The [re]drive?s efficient construction strategy minimizes resources throughout its lifecycle. Interchangeable mirrored panels are pressure-fit into a central chassis, minimizing the number of fasteners required. The [re]drive uses bamboo grown locally to the manufacturing facility. Waste aluminum is recycled during manufacturing and mixed up to 30% with raw aluminum to form parts. Simplified eco-friendly package contains just the bare essentials to reduce waste.

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