Project: "Keep Me"
Company:Keep Me
Designer(s): Ali Kay and Anne des Barres, United States
Category: Lingerie/Intimates, Professional
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Entry Description: Keep Me is a collection of the softest, most luxurious and refreshingly fashion-forward loungewear available in stores today. Keep Me offers the perfect wardrobe staples for great looks to change into when you want to be cozy, while still looking sexy and sophisticated: whether it is right when you get home from the office and you cannot wait to change out of your work clothing, when you?re ready to curl up in bed with a good book, to head to the gym or yoga studio, or even to run out for coffee. The Keep Me lifestyle is a healthy one in which downtime is not only appreciated but also well-utilized. In order to keep her mind and body fit, the Keep Me girl treasures her leisure time when she can change into something comfy and relax, and she also finds the time to exercise, whether in the gym, in the outdoors, or while keeping up with a sport she has played her entire life. Her Keep Me basics are the perfect items to keep her looking and feeling great in all of these scenarios. All of the Keep Me merchandise is manufactured here in the United States, in a family owned and operated factory in downtown Los Angeles, about a forty minute drive from the Keep Me offices located across from Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. Owned and operated by Ali Kay and Anne des Barres, Keep Me embodies the casual and active lifestyle they enjoy in Malibu. "We have fallen in love with Keep Me, and everyone who owns a Keep Me item seems to invariably follow suit," says the pair

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