Project: "Beckerman Fall 2008 Collection"
Designer(s): Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe Beckerman, United States
Category: Sportswear, Professional
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Entry Description: The Beckerman ?Cabin Fever? Fall 2008 collection has a luxe woodsman aesthetic mixed with Stanley Kubrick?s ?The Shining? to create a feeling of downtown outdoor elegance, mixed with a grunge 80?s vibe. The knitwear includes bear embroidered cardigans, silk screened birch bark knits and high waist fringe skirts and sweaters. The fabrics are luxurious plaids, lumberjacks and colorful silk crepes. The Beckerman?s developed their own textiles this season with a connect-the-dot motif made from hand drawn forest animal which is used on blouses and dresses. Another Beckerman original textile print is the brown basket weave log print which is used on draped cowl dresses and frilly tanks. The cropped militant jackets, biker jackets, petticoats and swinger coats mix menswear fabrics with feminine silhouettes. T-shirt images include bloody typewriters, fire pit monsters and bears wearing lumberjack hats. Grommet hardware is strategically placed around the circle skirts, lapels of collars and on strapless dresses. This collection combines mystery, woodsman, isolation and country attitude together to create Cabin Fever 2008.

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