Project: "KOR ONE Hydration Vessel"
Designer(s): RKS Design Team, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Professional
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Entry Description: KOR ONE Hydration Vessel The KOR ONE Hydration Vessel is a response to the need for a healthy, sustainable, environmentally sound way to stay hydrated. Our passion for bottled water has had a heavy impact on our environment. To understand the hidden energy costs associated with packaging, processing, and transporting bottled water, experts suggest we imagine ?filling up a quarter of every bottle with oil.? To make matters worse, only one in five of these bottles is recycled. And it?s not just landfills that these discarded bottles are clogging up. In 2007, marine biologists discovered the ?Great Pacific Garbage Patch,? a massive, continent-sized flotilla of plastic garbage between San Francisco and Hawaii. The KOR ONE was designed to fit our everyday lives ? to be equally at home on an executive?s desk, in a yoga studio, and at your side throughout the day. The KOR ONE is made from Eastman Tritan?, a ground-breaking new plastic that is completely free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), so it?s healthy for the environment and the body. BPA is a hormone disrupter, and has been linked to diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Our design team created the distinctive obelisk shape of the KOR ONE to elevate the ritual of hydration. Tritan?s rich tactile properties and glass-like clarity enhance the experience. The body of the KOR ONE has a luminous quality, with the subtle tint of clear blue beach glass, polished by years in the sea. The trim forms a semi-translucent white frame that evokes a glacier, the purest of all ice. For intuitive, one-handed operation, we developed an innovative cap with a thumb release. The top flips back 180 degrees and stays put, so you have unobstructed access to a mouthpiece small enough to sip from, yet big enough for a thirst-quenching chug. Close the lid and the latch engages automatically. Never again will you have to steer your car with a knee while using two hands to twist open a water bottle. The KOR ONE?s frame extends above the cap, making it easy to handle even when your hands are full. Just loop a finger through the top and you?re good to go. The KOR name itself is a play on the word ?core? because, for all of us, water is the core of life. The challenge to contribute in a measurable way to bettering the Earth?s environment is daunting, but every step we take gets us closer to our destination. And every ounce of pre-bottled water we don?t use gets us closer to the goal of responsible and sustainable hydration. The KOR ONE Hydration Vessel is designed to be a step toward a solution to this global problem. Key Benefits: 1. BPA-free. 2. Innovative and Intuitive, one-handed operation. 3. ?Just right? mouthpiece perfect for sips or thirst-quenching chugs. 4. Worry-free, ?can?t lose? cap. 5. Accepts ice cubes. 6. Dishwasher safe. 7. Elevates doing the right thing for our health and the health of the planet to a little luxury we can treat ourselves to daily.

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