Project: "The Threshing Barn"
Company:Haddow Partnership/ Johnny Grey Ltd
Designer(s): Robin Haddow/ Johnny Grey, United Kingdom
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: This Grade 2 listed building lay derelict for many years, before an adjoining owner purchased it with a view to turning it into a new house for their family designed to their own requirements. It was the subject of two planning applications, which took nearly 3 years in total to complete. The vast majority of the original structure has survived. This clearly adds to the character of the finished building. Natural materials have been used throughout and where historic/ contemporary elements meet shadow gaps have been introduced to highlight the juxtaposition. Practical additions such as interior rooms, staircases, kitchen and fireplaces form free standing geometric forms. The central space houses the kitchen, which has been specifically designed to address the social and family requirements of the owners and responds beautifully to the open plan nature of the house. The kitchen can be seen in the round from all the major public spaces in the house. It acts as an integral part of the character of the house being both beautifully crafted and providing opportunities for social interaction. It is not hidden away but celebrated as the centrepiece and has the status of the most important space in the home.

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