Project: "DoodleBuzz"
Designer(s): Brendan Dawes (magneticNorth), United Kingdom
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: http://www.doodlebuzz.com/ DoodleBuzz was born out of an idea to create an entirely new way of exploring information - one that allows for a kind of "quiet chaos" that gives people the opportunity to explore unthought of paths and connections along their news gathering journey. You may start at Iraq but end up finishing on Britney, whilst taking in The Catholic Church, Global Warming and 50 Cent. The interface for DoodleBuzz is simply a scribbled line. Draw a straight line. Draw a curved line. Draw a crazy, chaotic, all-over-the-place messed up line. It's up to you how you want to layout the information - DoodleBuzz simply provides a blank canvas for you to use and abuse. Why do that? Well, the web is full of top-down scrolling websites that are great for viewing information in a linear fashion, but not so good at fun things like chance and exploration. So a scribbled line seemed to be the antithesis of the scrolling linear paradigm. Do we want all sites to look like this? No, that would be stupid, but the web should always be a place of eclectic tastes and experiences. More than anything it's just good to twist things up a bit.

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