Project: "Mancini Duffy's Year in Review"
Company:Mancini Duffy
Designer(s): Dina Frank, AIA IIDA, Aris Carlot, Erika Rosenfeld, Bhavika Parekh, Julie Shulman , United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Mancini?Duffy has been in business for more than 85 years, established in 1920 as the corporation of Halsey, McCormack & Helmer, architects of such landmark buildings as the Williamsburgh Savings Bank and the Dime Savings Bank in Brooklyn, and the Dollar Savings Bank in the Bronx. The company operates under the name Mancini?Duffy, which was formed when Ralph Mancini Associates (established in 1981) and Duffy Inc. (established in 1955) combined forces to concentrate on the unique aspects of interior architecture. Headquartered in New York City, we maintain additional offices in Washington, D.C.; Mountain Lakes, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut. Working integrally as IPiD--International Partners in Design--we further combine local knowledge with global expertise from primary offices in London, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. The full reach of our capabilities extends beyond twenty-seven offices in twelve countries. Mancini?Duffy is capable of undertaking all planning and design services related to a renovation, relocation, expansion or consolidation assignment. Our clients range in industry from financial firms to high-end retailers to law firms, publishing houses, ad agencies, fitness clubs, government agencies, new media companies and many more. We have many long-term client relationships and a significant percentage of our work comes from repeat clients. Marketing Objective ? The overall purpose of this Year in Review is to highlight completed projects and accomplishments of 2007, as well as to promote our organization to clients and the industry. ? Our business is designing and delivering effective spaces to our clients. Through featuring some of our best projects of the year, it was important we communicate that our clients? success enables ours. ? This piece was distributed to an internally managed mailing list of approximately 7,000 clients, consultants, real estate brokers, prospective clients, friends and press. This was mailed to an international audience with a heavy concentration on the New York City and Washington D.C. metro areas. Content of Year in Review ? Our in-house marketing department is responsible for all of the graphics, layout and copy in the Year in Review. Our graphics design team works closely with our President, Dina Frank, AIA, IIDA to reach the final stage of any marketing collateral piece, and copy is generally written by our in-house marketing group. ? To convey our services and highlight our work we decided upon full-bleed, glossy pages to showcase the best photography taken in 2007, contrasted by a stark-white, matte cover. ? Emphasis was placed more on the oversized layout of the photography, with the text serving as a simple compliment to the featured project. ? Throughout the Year in Review we distinguished ourselves as a creative, client service-oriented design firm whom is proud of our people, appreciative of our clients and serious about the role good design should play in the life of a firm. ? Once the layout was finalized, print production was outsourced. The printing house printed and mailed out this publication from their facilities. Remaining books were shipped back to our offices to be used as in-house marketing collateral throughout the year. Results of Marketing Communication Effort ? This was our second consecutive attempt at creating a Year in Review. Gathering a specific response from this publication was not a goal, however we did received unsolicited positive feedback from many clients and recipients of this report. ? Several phone calls were received from clients and consultants after this mailing requesting additional copies and/or purchasing of photography. We also received phone calls and in-person requests from individuals asking for extra copies to present in meetings and to decisions makers for upcoming projects. While no formal tracking of response rate was implemented, evidence of the success of this piece is anecdotal rather than systematic.

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