Project: "Eternal day, eternal night"
Designer(s): Chung Lin Lee, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This mansion is composed of multiple horizontal and vertical layers, using different combinations of black + white in building material, cushions, lights, furniture and classical columns as a visual and structural center, while simultaneously manifesting its minimalistic yet complex artistic value. Starting at the entrance, the Bisazza mosaic tiles weave an elaborate web that leads into the house. The jet-black spiral staircase is guarded by a silver angelic figure, completing the graceful ensemble. Bright marble permeates the bright hall floors, while its natural patterns climbs like vines within a trapezoid pattern surrounded by light. The layered ceiling creates a visual thrill and a different dimension for the curious ones who look upwards. Looking around, you will find that the complicated floor-work, the furniture within, and the simple ceiling and walls create three contrasting styles, making a connection between Hyper-modernism, Post-modernism, Hyperrealism and Neoclassicism, making it an energetic spokesperson for cross-generational design.

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