Project: "Team Bank Headquarters"
Company:Evolution Design
Designer(s): Evolution Design, Switzerland
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Team Bank headquarters revolutionize the workplace design in banking sector. Being designed ‘from the inside out’, the new building showcases a direct link between the communicative character of the interior design with its external appearance. For the communication and exchange among the employees the building was designed with as few floors as possible and each has a ‘fluid’ function arrangement to encourage people to move around and stimulate spontaneous meetings. To introduce the activity-based working, the building was divided in two main functions: homebases and meet & create zones, all of which utilize the idea of a city. Homebases occupy the outer ring of the building and consist of different workplace typologies to support different needs of the employees depending on their daily activities. The meet & create zones located at the inner ring are the driver for creativity. They consist of informal areas and specially designed spaces for innovation and focus.

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