Project: "FaBrick"
Designer(s): I-Ting Tsai, Somdatta Majumdar, Xixi Zheng, and Yiru Yun, United Kingdom
Category: Other Architectural designs, Student
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Entry Description: Fabric in architecture has long existed but the invention of a composite that makes the fabric the main structural material is unique. Choosing a common off-the-shelf material and exploring its limits in another dimension was the motive behind this project. FaBrick is a research project developed a self-supporting system from a two-dimensional sheet to a three-dimensional object by the traditional art of stitching. With the crafting technique and its material behavior, the geometry of the fabric could support its own weight without the help of mold or formwork. In order to create structurally strong and interesting geometries to architectural morphogenesis, computer algorithms were utilized to arrive at optimum orientations and compositions. Once the fabric composite is hardened, the fabric structure is capable of standing against gravity and sheltering the space. The idea the fašade and structure merged into one material system will lead to a new typology of fabric architecture.

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