Project: "YKC II"
Company:PLOTCREATIVE Interior Design Limited
Designer(s): PLOTCREATIVE Interior Design Limited, Hong Kong
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Entry Description: PLOTCREATIVE from Hong Kong has completed the design of YKC II, in Quanzhou City, Fujian, YKC is a fine restaurant that serves quality modern cuisine, referencing steam-pot cuisine of Chinese styles throughout its interior. The spatial concept of YKC II comes from ‘seascape’. The Chinese restaurant is adorned with a seafood-themed sea wave decorated by geometric waves and emeralds. Geometric mirrors of stainless steel and copper patterns are also adopted for the purpose of expanding the space. Black and white dining booths create an irregular arrangement and subtle contrast to the cement floor and are offset from the black ceiling/white walls. Two-toned dining chairs add a subtle contrast to the restaurant, providing a casual feeling to the dining environment. Steamers in a variety of colours have been used throughout the restaurant to create feature walls, while private rooms are decorated with uneven waves to evoke different moods.

About the Designer/Company
To provide service of unique spatial experience and brand value for the famous brands, Chan’s to create for the business impact of innovation. Rebranding service included brand of listed in HK. Oscar Chan established his award-winning interior & branding design practice PLOTCREATIVE. The company provides consultancy service in Interior Architecture & Branding Strategy and receives international awards in short-time including US's IDA Design Awards, China's Successful Design Awards, Taiwan's Golden PIN Design Awards, HK's Restaurant Interior Design Awards, Gohome Interior Design Award. Project have been featured in numerous international design magazine & journals, e.g. Perspective, Hinge, Interior Design-China, Modern Decoration, Taiwan's Conde, Cheer! Wine Cellar Design. Oscar Chan is a professional member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association. Chan's professional design team takes great pride in creating tailored interior design solutions that are cost effective for any type of space. PLOTCREATIVE embrace challenges and find pleasure in well thought out functional design solutions. Designing unique EXPERIENCE is a vital component for any successful business strategy nowadays. As the recipient of numerous international recognitions and awards over the years, PLOTCREATIVE's planning and design team offers a blend of creative, functional and sophisticated skills to produce unique and lasting quality design solutions. Design solutions consider location based, target, marketing, trends, operations, importance, budget requirements for every size and type. Each environment is assured of a dynamic, creative and unique character in its own right.