Project: "Octopus, Museion 2015"
Designer(s): A project by M. Naomi Galavotti, Martina Ranedda From an idea by M. Naomi Galavotti, Tommaso Gandini, Anna Martinuzzi, Martina Ranedda, Xenia Trojer Coordination: EDDES (Roberto Gigliotti) & Museion Graphic design: Jonathan Pierini Photos: Luca Meneghel for Museion, Italy
Category: Interior Design, Student
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Entry Description: Octopus is the name of the kids space of Museion, the Museum of contemporary art in Bolzano. Octopus is a bundle of twisted, padded tentacles extending through the entire space. Children can wave them and move them, transforming the space into imaginary space or finding a comfortable space to rest. Each tentacle contains a different filler material to stimulate the senses of the young guests. This \\\"tentacular\\\" space reflects the idea of space and perception in contemporary art.

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