Project: "An Nam"
Company:Steve Leung Designers Ltd.
Designer(s): Steve Leung Designers Ltd., Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Vietnam, formerly called “An Nam” and next to China border, was once ruled by Chinese in Ming Dynasty and colonized by France in the mid-19th Century, featuring an Indochine style with a blend of oriental and French colonial beauty. The designer recaptures the nostalgic Vietnam with its signature turquoise accent color, ceramic tiled floor, antique furniture and decorations, evoking a delicate atmosphere of the era of French colony at the Vietnamese restaurant in this metropolitan city. Located at the atrium of the shopping mall, designer tactically fused the spherical layout into the main dining area, exuding a sense of Vietnamese refreshing aroma. An Nam embodies the beauty and romance of times passed, providing a tranquil and graceful environment for an authentic Vietnamese dining experience.

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