Project: "Create Your Own Shoes"
Company:On Your Mark Design Laboratory Ltd.
Designer(s): On Your Mark Design Laboratory Leo P. H. Chan - Art Director Kelly Ho - Designer, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Create Your Own Shoes Competition & Exhibition 2015 was one of the major events from the Hong Kong Green Designers Association (HKGDA). By collecting used or damaged shoes, HKGDA distributed those shoes to high school students for competition and asked them to redesign and create a new interpretation to environmental friendly and sustainability. Moreover HKGDA also invited renowned designers and artists to participate the creation with their own used shoes for exhibition. A set of posters to promote the competition and exhibition.

About the Designer/Company
On Your Mark Design Laboratory (OYM), is a Hong Kong-based creative laboratory founded by Leo P. H. Chan in 2004. Through experiments and testing in the lab, they always try their best to find out new possibilities in design and brand strategies for clients. Within years, OYM had been received international design awards over different categories.