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Project: "From Blunder to Beauty, "Project Error" Redefines Luxury Rug Design"
Company:Jaipur Rugs
Designer(s): Kavita Chaudhary, Jaipur Rugs, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In the world of luxury design, perfection is king, down to the last minute detail. But in the eyes of internationally- renowned rug designer Kavita “Kavi" Chaudhary, blunders can be the purest form of art… and the inspiration behind a stunningly unique collection aptly named "Project Error.” The “Anthar” rug is the collection’s highlight, the product of a "faulty" carpet created by three artisans weaving comically out of sync for weeks. From discord to harmony, four months’ work became a striking design born of error rather than the perfect pattern originally intended. Anthar embraces the subtle differences that occur during an incredibly involved creative process, where a network of artisans who don’t always share a vision work by hand, from carding raw wool to weaving. Focusing on “nature's mistakes,” Project Error recognizes the misprints and aberrations that would normally be tossed as the unconventional forms of artistic expression they actually are.

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