Project: "MOVABAR"
Designer(s): Dennis Cheung, Gu Lik Hang, Erica Yip, Jackey Ip, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: MOVABAR is a lush and exclusive cocktail bar with mobility capable of transforming and unfolding at your desired location. A new wave of sharing platforms like Airbnb and Uber has emerged in the past decade. Our cities and living habits have evolved and intertwined into the ubiquitous internet ever since. As sharing of resources is most efficient when transaction cost is low, they work best in high density cites. Our idea is to create an on-demand physical serving companion, an exquisite artefact, for the enjoyment of cocktails with a simple click in your smartphone app. The cart is equipped with a built-in freezer, running water, and comes with selected alcohols and ingredients required for your night. You may rent it for a company event, a party or a private gathering just for your beloved.?

About the Designer/Company
Upscaling Operations, or UPSOP, is a multi-disciplinary design practice aims to reuse and redefine mundane urban objects, materials and space. We have a passion for identifying the potential of different materials, ways of fabrication as well as different spatial practices. We are interested in the granular construct of everyday life. We believe the aggregated form of material assembly defines the perception of space. Our value added operations would create unique spatial experience. Our operations are novel, meticulous, 3-dimensional, scaleless, re-materializing, playful, unexpected, and of course, delightful. UPSOP was founded by G and D in the summer of 2014 in Hong Kong. Both G and D obtained their Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies degrees at the University of Hong Kong. G graduated subsequently with a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard GSD while D from the opposite end of Mass Ave at MIT. They are keen on bringing quality and purposeful designs to their home city via technology and craftsmanship. G and D have working experiences in the U.S., Italy, Japan, China and Hong Kong and their works were exhibited in the U.S., Canada, China and Hong Kong. Upscaling Operations currently operates in Hong Kong.