Project: "New Regional Offices for the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy in Swakopmund"
Company:Karen Miller Architect, Namibia
Designer(s): Company Name: Karen Miller ArchitectDesigners: Karen Miller (Architect) Daphne de Jager (architectural technician) Jorit Moisel (architectural technician), Namibia
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Entry Description: The Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy requested a "green" building for their new offices at the Coastal town of Swakopmund. The passive design and orientation in the mild climate of the Namibian coast, as well as the materials and every system component, were considered at the initial stages of the project. The appearance of the building showcases renewable energies and systems such as solar, wind and fog/dew collection, and gives the client a model which encourages other developers to follow suit. The new building is designed to create a comfortable working environment enhanced by the use of renewable energy sources and green materials and systems where possible. The building serves as a research center of the local environment. All environmental data from the systems installed is collected and digitally stored.

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