Project: "Texas Christian University, Rees Jones Hall"
Designer(s): CannonDesign, United States
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Entry Description: As the challenges our society faces become more complex, academic institutions are recognizing the power driving the cross-pollination of creative fields like computer science, math, design, engineering – all focused on accelerating discovery through problem- based, multi-disciplinary learning that address 21st century challenges. Texas Christian University (TCU) is focused on this type of innovation center with the introduction of Rees Jones Hall, an incubator facility designed to maximize social and intellectual connectivity. The building houses the TCU IdeaFactory, a unity of the College of Science & Engineering, where students can develop ideas, advances prototypes, conduct market analysis and test. Rees Jones Hall surrounds the IdeaFactory with diverse programs including its Institute of Child Development and the TCU Energy Institute, organizing them around a central atrium to create a “vertical street” of interactive public space. This street helps the building facilitate creative, intellectual, “collisions” to encourage student/faculty collaboration across multiple fields.

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