Project: "Arctic Fox "
Designer(s): ????cindymode/ Company cindymode is derived from the designer ‘cindy’ and the french word ‘mode‘, which means “STYLE“. Launched in Taiwan in 2014. Our mission is to provide the stylish, functional and good quality goods that are revevant to all aspects of urban living, whether at work, rest, or play. Our unique lifestyle product range spans furniture, storage and household goods as well as fashion accessory and gifts - that is consistent with out four core principles that remain unchanged to this day. Cindy Wang I-Hsuan / Designer & Illustrator Cindy believes that a classic design is not born solely from its aesthetic qualities, but a piece of work that possess the energy to inject a new attitude to life; that can be integrated into culture, art, craft, humanistic spirit and eventually pass down in history. Life can be enhanced through the sublimity of art in design. Design is fashion, knowledge, life, fine taste and entertainment. Begins from the need and desire of a consumer, guiding him/her into understanding, and appreciating good design; submerging oneself within the intellectual and aesthetic experience, encouraging cultivation of fine taste in life. The uniqueness of Cindy’s design pieces is that it extends beyond being product of functionality, serves as a home ware as well as a piece of art that could inspire imaginations in everyday lives. Cindy hopes that her design can bring about appreciation for life through the fine delicate design pieces, boundless conceptual expressions of design concepts through beauty of materials and organic forms within the handcrafted ware. Creations that is not only beautiful but touches souls, creating new meanings through the interaction between user and home ware, material and design., Taiwan
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Entry Description: Each glass is blown to shape one by one; exudes sense of delicate airiness due to its lightness and thin glass wall. When holding the delicate glass in hand, you could almost feel the fluid on your skin. The translucency allows concepts of “in-between, layering and interaction” to manifest through the overlaying illustrations. The glasses are designed in sets of two or three, when overlapped; the illustrated graphics interact with one another through various placements, creating interesting stories.

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